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Benefits of Buying Your Used Car From a Dealership

As you may have heard there is a shortage of new vehicles, causing many car buyers to look at the used market. While there are many buy and sell sites to find private sellers, there are huge advantages to buying your used vehicle from a dealership.


While you might find a vehicle that looks great on marketplaces like Kijiji or Facebook, your payment options are limited. These private sellers will require cash, forcing you to withdraw a large sum of money or get a bank draft. If you can’t come up with the full amount, your finance options are limited to banks or lending services and the seller may not wait for you to organize financing, especially in today’s hot market.

Dealerships can offer in-house financing and have established relationships with lenders to help you get approved. Even with bad credit or a small deposit, the dealership is your best option for being able to pay for your new vehicle.

Buyer Protection and Warranty

Dealerships are held to a higher standard by law than private sellers, so they are obligated to ensure the vehicle they are selling you is in good shape. The dealership will carry out an inspection to ensure anything that they sell will meet their quality control standards. If any issues do arise, you can contact the dealership and talk to experts to help you fix the problem.

Cars purchased from dealerships will also come with records of any service that has been performed and often the record of inspection so you have peace of mind about what you are buying before you sign.

Most importantly, Dealerships can offer warranties on your vehicle to safeguard against any future issues. Make sure you read the details carefully to understand what is or isn’t covered and any activities that will void your warranty.

Access to Loyalty programs

Dealerships want your business and will go over and above to ensure you have a great experience so you return again and again. Because of this, many dealerships offer customer loyalty programs that can provide future discounts on services or future vehicles and some even offer benefits within your community.

Before purchasing a vehicle ask what kind of loyalty program is offered and how you can benefit from returning to the same location for all your auto needs.

Trade In Your Existing Vehicle

When most people buy a new vehicle, they also have another they are selling. Whether you are looking for a newer model, more seats, or just ready for a change, a dealership can eliminate the hassle of trying to sell your previous car by taking it as a trade-in against the value of your new model. Used cars are valued higher than ever so there is a good chance you will get more than you think. Not only will this help towards the cost of a new vehicle, but it is also much more convenient and saves you the hassle of trying to navigate a private sale.

If you are looking for quality, convenience, greater flexibility, and better value, the choice is clear that your next used car or truck should come from a dealership.

Visit one of the Morris Group’s Dealerships to find your next pre-owned vehicle today!


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