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Advantages of Maintaining Your Vehicle at a Dealership

So you’ve purchased your new, or at least “new to you” vehicle, and are trying to decide where to take it for its first big service. There are a number of things to consider when choosing whether to use an independent or dealership service center. While it is not mandatory to service your vehicle at the Dealership you purchased from to maintain your warranty, there are some notable advantages.

Specialty Knowledge

At a Dealership, the Mechanics and Technicians are specialized from doing the majority of their work on one brand of car. In addition, these individuals often go through manufacturer training programs which are only offered to the network of licensed dealers to keep them up to date on the latest repair techniques. Dealerships also can afford more modern tools and equipment, ensuring your vehicle is fixed with the best equipment for the job, as directed by the manufacturer.


Of course, if your vehicle is still covered under a manufacturer warranty, it is best to go back to the dealership so they can cover it, however there are other advantages of going back to the dealer after warranty as well. Any repair done by the Dealership will be covered by a nationwide warranty at any other dealership under the same brand, so you can rest assured that no matter where you travel in the country, your vehicle is covered.

High Standards

Dealerships represent the manufacturer so they must adhere to corporate standards and high levels of customer satisfaction, which is why you may have been surveyed by the manufacturer or dealership on your experience. Essentially, the dealership answers to the manufacturer, so if you are unhappy with your service there is another body to elevate your complaint to, where as independents do not have the same obligations.  

Quick Turn Around Times

Dealerships often have large service centers that can accommodate more vehicles at once than independents. This means they can typically get you in sooner, and because the Mechanics and Technicians are highly specialized, they are also often much faster. Dealerships also generally have the scale advantage and a lower number of vehicle models so they can stock a large number of replacement parts, while independent mechanics may have to order, delaying your repair.

If you are looking for fast, reliable, specialized service for your vehicle, come visit any of the Morris Group’s Dealerships today.

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