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Best Vehicle Resale Values: Everything You Need To Know

There are many things to consider when purchasing a new vehicle and one of them is understanding the importance of resale value. At Morris Group Automotive Dealerships, we want you to have the knowledge of depreciation and what it means for the value of your vehicle so you feel empowered when starting your vehicle shopping journey.

What is Depreciation & Resale Value?

Depreciation is the process by which an asset, in this case your vehicle loses value. Resale Value is the amount your vehicle is expected to sell for at some point in the future.

One of the largest, and often most overlooked costs associated with vehicle ownership is the cost of depreciation. The most important part of purchasing a vehicle is knowing its projected depreciation three, four and five years down the road. When selling a vehicle, owners are sometimes upset to learn just how much their vehicle has depreciated during their ownership period. According to Canadian automotive experts, an average new vehicle only retains 35 percent of its original value after five years.

When you purchase a vehicle that has a good resale value, you are able to maximize the amount you get back at trade-in.

PRO TIP: A vehicle with a good resale value retains at least 40-50% of its original retail price after 5 years.

To help offset the cost of depreciation, one of your goals should be to purchase a vehicle with the highest resale values. Below are the top vehicles in Canada with the best resale values:

Vehicles with the Best Resale Values




GMC Sierra 1500

Full-Size Pick-Up Truck


Honda Ridgeline

Mid-Size Pick-Up Truck


Honda Accord Hybrid

Hybrid Vehicle


Maserati Levante

Luxury Full-Size SUV


Chevrolet Trax

Subcompact SUV


Honda Odyssey



Honda CR-V

Compact Car


Alfa Romeo Stelvio

Luxury Compact SUV


Honda Passport

Mid-Size SUV


Chevrolet Malibu

Mid-Size Car


Honda Civic

Entry Level Car


Alfa Romeo Guilia

Luxury Car


The next time you shop for a new vehicle, consider the long-term and look at how much value your vehicle is really giving you.

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